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Everything you always wanted to know about Quality inspections.*

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The Costs and Benefits of Manufacturer Quality Inspection

How much does third-party quality inspection cost me, and what benefits does it bring?

This question has surely crossed the minds of many manufacturers, importers and purchasing groups. Why should I spend money on a third-party quality inspection when I can do it well in-house?

Firstly, it should be noted that yes, quality inspections mean expenses, but this money is well invested.
Conducting a third-party quality inspection before the delivery from the manufacturer is a strategic investment that offers long term benefits which outweigh the initial expenditures in short time.

What are the costs of third-party quality inspection?

With most providers of independent quality inspections, you pay a fixed price for a day’s inspection. This often leads to a price that is sometimes only slightly but frequently significantly too high. Furthermore, the customer has no control over the number of billed inspection days. This is neither fair nor transparent.

However, it's a different story with us.

At LGTI, we offer a transparent cost model tailored to your delivery quantities, with no hidden or extra charges.

To make this possible, we engage in discussions with our customers before commencing our services, focusing on a few key parameters: the expected total annual quantity, the number and location of suppliers involved, the product types, specific requirements and the potential seasonal distribution of deliveries. Armed with these details, we can create an individual proposal for each customer.

So, what are the advantages of third-party inspections?

On-site quality inspections provide an independent evaluation, offering an impartial and objective assessment of product quality. We as the service provider do not have stakes in the manufacturing process, and can therefore remain independent to act on your behalf.

It’s better to detect and rectify potential defects before the products are delivered to you, because:

  • You save time and money without shipping goods back and forth for rework
  • Recalls or warranty claims can be kept to a minimum
  • Even small issues can be noticed and corrected without expensive rework in Europe
  • Suppliers improve over time when errors can be shown to the factory staff directly
  • Overall quality improvement enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies that embrace reliable and collaborative quality inspections set themselves apart positively from competitors, gaining market share.

Collaborating with a reputable third-party provider enhances customer trust in your products and the credibility of your company. In summary, on-site quality inspections at the manufacturer, despite incurring additional costs, simultaneously reduces other expenses and is an essential step to ensure the desired product quality. The long-term benefits in terms of customer trust, cost reduction, and competitiveness more than justify these investments.”

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