Product Testing

We understand the chemical make-up of your products.
We know what needs to be tested, and what not.
After all, tests costs money...

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EU standards are complicated.
Good that we know a thing or two about them.

Sourcing goods from Asia is an attractive way to minimize manufacturing costs but unfortunately it also involves risks. The most important issues at stake are product safety and reputational damage due to the wrong choice of materials or substances which can be harmful to health.

Experience has shown that it is advisable to have each of the supplier’s declarations of conformity checked and verified to ensure reliability. It is worth having this check carried out not only to ensure product safety and prevent reputational damage. In addition it ensures that all due diligence as stipulated by lawmakers is exercised.

There is a wide range of different EU standards in existence.
The production of spectacle frames is a prime example of where this is the case. The standard tests required here are described in the following standards

These tests are conducted in our specially equipped and selected  testing laboratory. The results are documented in comprehensive test reports and send to you in compliance with applicable regulations.

Reliability tests
In addition to the above-mentioned standards, it is recommended to periodically subject delivered to reliability testing, which goes beyond the requirements of those standards. The aim is to conduct a highly realistic assessment of quality criteria that ultimately determine product acceptance and avoid customer complaints in the market.

That’s where LGTI comes in, offering useful reliability tests. These tests focus on factors such as paint adhesion, corrosion resistance, ductility and stability. The results are documented in reports that will be send to you after testing.