Product Inspection

We ensure that your Asian sourced products
meet your specifications.

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Trust, but verify! We know from experience that having the right monitoring is essential.

Even high-quality products made by the best and most experienced manufacturers can contain defects. LGTI provides two interconnected inspection services in order to be able to detect any defects and have them corrected as early on as possible:

We have a team of inspectors with extensive experience in the field of manufacturing and inspection and they are ready to carry out both types of inspection for your benefit.

We split any defects detected during the inspection process into two categories: major defects and minor defects.

Major defects
Major defects have a significant negative effect on a product’s saleability and usability and/or breach important provisions of legislation, such as prescribed safety standards. Major defects usually result in the entire batch of products being rejected.

Minor defects
Minor defects are a sign of imperfect craftsmanship but do not directly affect a product’s saleability or usability. Minor defects represent a failure to meet a customer’s specified quality requirements and normally mean that the manufacturer has to reject or repair the products in question. Once that has been done, LGTI conducts a pre-shipment inspection of the goods in order to check that the specified improvements have been made. We save you a lot of time and money for return shipments.

During Production

During production inspection – Early detection of potential defects in production
The during production inspection is carried out once crucial steps in the production process have been completed. Essential components should be inspected and approved at this point in time. This means that any potential product defects will be detected early enough to ensure that there is sufficient time left to modify or repair the products.

Tooled sample approval
The tooled sample is the first unit manufactured using the original tools which are to be used in subsequent series production. This sample should be checked to see whether the improvements specified in the optimization rounds prior to it, have been incorporated into the product. The approved sample determines the general quality level of the subsequent main production and it confirms the specified quality requirements.

Pre Shipment

Pre-shipment inspection – Safeguarding you against faulty deliveries
The pre-shipment inspection is carried out at the end of the manufacturing process. During this inspection, random samples of finished products are taken in accordance with the agreed “accepted quality level” (AQL) and checked against the jointly defined inspection criteria. The AQL determines the maximum acceptable number of defective products in a random sample taken from across all packaging units. This process has been adapted in line with the quality requirements of the American military (MIL-STD-105D).

To have maximum transparency and to prevent any misunderstandings from the start, we decide together with you on the AQL before we start our inspections. Our agreement allows you to estimate the percentage of potentially defective units in any delivery batch.