Manufacturer Development

We know both sides.
The Asian manufacturers and the demands of our international customers.

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There are countless manufacturers in Asia to choose from.
We will find the right one for you.

The number of eyewear manufacturers in Asia is overwhelming. Finding the right one, that aligns with your specific requirements in terms of expertise, pricing, quality and reliability is an incredibly daunting task, without the right guidance.

LGTI assists you in searching, selecting and developing your frame manufacturers in Asia. You benefit from our extensive expertise and vast network, particularly in the eyewear industry. We have collected an extensive catalogue of Asian manufacturers with diverse competensies, qualities and pricing.

Once LGTI gains a thorough understanding of your requirements in terms of quality, timely delivery, communication approach and production volumes through our collaboration in product inspection, we can review and tailor the existing supplier portfolio. LGTI places great emphasis on achieving the perfect match and pairing between the customer and their suppliers.

Of course, we also extend our support to producers with whom you have already had positive experiences. In such case, we take care of production inspection, ensuring a continuous improvement process in both qualitative and logistical performance.