LGTI provides an all-in-one solution: product inspection, laboratory testing, a secure data flow
and the necessary to help to ensure adherence to regulatory standarts.

Our employees are the reason we warrant your trust.

LGTI Logistics & Goods Testing Institute GmbH was founded in 2010 in the beautiful town Prien am Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany. With a second main location in Shenzhen, China, the whole process of sourcing goods from Asia can be overseen.

The driving force behind LGTI is General Manager Mr. Carsten Leutloff. Carsten is not only a well-known expert in the industry, but also a trusted figure who has sucessfully established strong connections with key players across the market. His vision and leadership have propelled LGTI to the forefront of the quality sector, making it the go-to choice for businesses seeking experience and reliability.

Through a daily communication with the Asian collegues we obtain a unique insight in the market. We can exchange important information fast, so problems and irregularities can be nipped in the bud. We are able to combine the manufacturers abilities and your need for high quality.

Even the most experienced manufaturesr can make mistakes. It is our task to detect and correct these mistakes as early as possible. Our Asian team of inspectors has extensive experience in both manufaturing and inspecting. They carry out th inspections at the suppliers’ premises, thus preventing defective products from being shipped and return shipments from having to be processed (custom duties and logistical costs).

Inspection is our core business. But your products also need to meet regulatory requirements and therefore we offer you a laboratory testing service. We understand the chemical make-up of your products and we can handle all communication with Asian laboratories for you.

We can provide you with everything that you need, from product testing and laboratory testing through to a secure flow of data and support with ensuring compliance with EU standards and requirements.

Our European and Asian offices work very closely together and operate as logistic and communication hubs in their respective regions.

LGTI carries out inspections on your behalf during the manufacturing process and shortly prior to shipment and can also help you to carry out laboratory testing.

LGTI can take over responsibility for everything relating to the quality, safety and reliability of your products off your hands.