LGT Institute

Pre-Shipment Inspection

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is performed at the end of the manufacturing process. During this inspection, samples of finished products are taken according to the agreed “Accepted Quality Level” (AQL) and tested with regard to each of the jointly defined inspection criteria. The AQL determines the maximum acceptable number of flawed products taken from a random sample from different packaging units.

In order to ensure maximum transparency and prevent misunder-
standings, we define this AQL standard together with our customer before the start of our collaboration, and expressly point out to them what this means with respect to the expected number of flawed units
in a delivery batch.

Customer benefits:

You save time and money, since the number of products sent
  back to China is reduced significantly.

Even before your shipment leaves China, you can be sure
  that the products you ordered meet your quality standards
  as well as the legally and otherwise stipulated norms.

Thanks to the continual product quality assurance, you can
  enhance the supply security of your markets and your sales
  promotion events (e.g. trade fairs).

Right after completion, the results of each LGTI inspection
  are discussed with the technical experts of the manufacturing
  company. The enhancement measures resulting from this
  analysis allow us to maintain a continual cycle of quality

You will receive an e-Mail containing a detailed inspection
  report within 36 hours (as a rule) once the inspection has
  been completed.