LGT Institute

During Production Inspection

The During Production Inspection is performed when approx. 50% of the manufacturing process is complete. At this point in time, the essential components have been produced and the approved design elements for the decoration, logo or mounting parts are available to be assembled for the first time. The aim of this inspection is to discover potential product flaws as soon as possible, so that enough time and sufficient courses
of action are still available in order to save the product.
At this stage it is also important to check whether improvement measures defined in the optimisation loops prior to the tooled sample release have
been implemented. This release determines the subsequent quality degree
of the goods, if the tooled sample, i.e. the first sample manufactured for subsequent serial production using original tools, meets the stipulated
quality requirements.

In this inspection phase we also differentiate between significant and insignificant defects.

Customer benefits:

The combination of Pre-Shipment Inspection and During
  Production Inspection ensures additional efficiency and
  safety, seeing as both the product and the production
  process are inspected twice.

You can continually monitor whether the latest changes
  have been accepted and implemented.

You have the opportunity to request immediate changes in
  the production process as well as last-minute adjustments.

You will receive an e-Mail containing a detailed inspection
  report within 36 hours (as a rule) once the inspection has
  been completed.