LGT Institute

Manufacturer development:

The number of manufacturers producing eyewear products in China is too vast too count. Without the necessary advice, it is practically impossible to find the right manufacturing company that meets the individual requirements with respect to competency, cost, quality and reliable delivery.

For that reason, LGTI has created a “Selection and Development” service package to assume all aspects of searching for, auditing and developing eyeglass frame manufacturers in China.
Due to LGTI’s extensive know-how and broad network in the eyewear industry, we have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of Chinese eyeglass manufacturers with different competencies, prices and degrees of quality. As a result of many years of cooperation and countless visits, these producers have proven that they are capable of fulfilling European quality and delivery requirements. LGTI supports these producers and continually helps them develop in terms of both technology and organisational structures.

As an alternative, we are also prepared to begin supporting producers with whom our customers have already worked together successfully. In this case we take care of the auditing process and the continual improvement of the producer’s performance regarding quality and logistics.

Customer benefit:

You can rely on having a competent and reliable supplier who
  matches your needs – without having to resort to the time-
  and cost-consuming “trial and error” principle when looking
  for a supplier yourself.