LGT Institute

Product inspection

Even high-quality eyeglass frames produced by the best and most experienced manufacturers can contain production flaws. In order to find and correct all relevant defects as soon as possible, LGTI offers two dovetailed inspection services:

During Production Inspection

Pre Shipment Inspection
For both types of tests, we have a team of inspectors on board, each possessing many years of experience in manufacturing and inspecting
eyeglass frames.

We divide the defects discovered during inspection into two categories: significant and insignificant defects.

Significant defects have a substantial, negative impact on a product’s vendibility and usability, or infringe essential aspects of the German Medical Devices Act, such as a distorted endpiece or chipped varnish on the rim. Usually if a significant defect is discovered, the entire delivery batch is rejected.

Insignificant defects indicate flawed craftsmanship, but do not affect the salability or usability of a product. If insignificant defects occur, the quality requirements defined by our customer are not fulfilled. As a result, LGTI orders the manufacturer to either sort out, adjust or repair the defective product. As soon as the manufacturer complies, LGTI performs a second inspection of the product before it is shipped, in order to make sure that the improvement measures were implemented.